A lot of people take cleanliness for granted but when it comes to understanding its importance, you can’t overemphasise the impact it has on our day to day lives. If you want to notice its impact on you and your home, go for a week without cleaning your home and you will notice that it is overrun with dirt, cobwebs, bugs and even more. Lets talk about a few areas in your home that should stay clean.

Your health and wellness are highly influenced by the condition of your surroundings, regardless of who you are and where you are. Think about those who work in an environment that is unclean. For instance, coal miners have a high tendency to develop lung diseases because they are constantly exposed to coal dust. Prolonged exposure to these substances can lead to serious health issues and diseases. So, it will not come as a surprise that where you stay for the majority of your day is going to affect your overall health and wellness.

You cannot always control your surrounding, especially if you are outside your home, but you can limit how much you are exposed to the dangers that are present in your immediate surroundings. For instance, having good practices for hand hygiene is one way of limiting the transfer of bacteria from the surroundings to your hands.

To keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy in your home, you should start establishing a cleaning process. Here are the steps of an effective and dynamic cleaning process that will help you simplify your cleaning tasks.

  • Make your rooms ready. Before you start deep cleaning your home, remove all clutter from all rooms. You can also take this opportunity to check the status of your appliances and light fixtures.
  • Remove all soiled linens and rubbish. Take down the curtains and soiled linens so you can put on fresh ones after the cleaning process is done. You can also spend this time removing and collecting rubbish.
  • Make the bed. Prepare clean bedsheets and take out the used ones. Make the bed then finish the task by putting on a bed cover.
  • Clean the room. Wipe away dust from all major surfaces and furniture. If there are supplies in your rooms that need replenishing, replace them before moving on and cleaning the next room.
  • Clean the bathroom. Take the time to scrub, wipe, wash and shine bathroom fixtures. Check your bathroom amenities and make sure they are fully stocked. For instance, stock up on soap, shampoo and conditioner and replace bath towels.
  • Vacuum the floor and carpets. You can start doing this task in the farthest area from your door. After completing this, pop up new or clean curtains.
  • Make a final inspection. After cleaning every room, take a last look and make sure everything is in perfect order. After that, make sure to turn the lights off and close (or lock) the door.

To enhance your cleaning process, the use of proper tools and equipment is highly encouraged. For instance, the use of microfibre cloths is a great practice. You can implement a colour-coded scheme for your mops and cleaning cloths; you can assign blue ones for the bathroom, green ones for furniture and white ones for glass and mirrors. If you are planning to use a flat-head mop with extendable handles, you can assign a different coloured flat-head for mopping the floors and another one for cleaning the bathroom or shower walls.

Let’s not forget the carpets. Everyone loves the look, smell and feel of freshly-cleaned ones. Whether you are planning to stay in the same house for many years or planning to impress buyers with your property, having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is a must. If you clean your carpets regularly, you do not need to spend a lot to clean them deep down. Here is a 7 step process that will make your carpets looking like new.

  • Pre-cleaning inspection. In order to do something right, you need to inspect your carpet very thoroughly. Check its overall condition. Check out for signs of permanent or easy to remove stains. If there are permanent stains, a professional cleaner can remove them for you. For easy to remove ones, you can simply spot treat them on your own.
  • Pre-treatment. After finding out areas in your carpet that need spot treatment, apply a preconditioning agent that will break down or emulsify the stain. This will mostly involve areas with heavy traffic and general spots that need more attention.
  • Spot treat special areas further. During step one, you were able to identify and locate stains that need special attention. You can either partially or completely remove them, depending on the type of stain that is present. If stains do not go away at step 2, you can spot treat the areas again to increase the likelihood of their complete removal.
  • Particle extraction and rinsing. After pre-treatment and further spot treatment, you can start using a carpet brush to loosen up the particles lodged in your carpet. Make sure you remove all furniture so you can clean all areas of the carpet. You can place them back together after giving your carpet a deep and thorough rinse. Be careful with lifting heavy furniture. If you can’t do it by yourself, always ask for help or you’ll end up with pesky back pains or lifting injuries.
  • Post-cleaning treatment. Some stains are just too stubborn to remove. You can give it an extra treatment by using speciality carpet spotting solutions. To extend the lifespan of your carpet, you can use carpet protectors at this stage too.
  • Allow your carpet to thoroughly dry. To speed up the process of drying, you can place fans throughout your home. You can let it dry on its own but it will take a longer time.
  • Post-cleaning inspection. After doing all the elbow grease, take a last look at your carpet and see if the cleaning improved the appearance of your carpet. If you are completely satisfied with your job, give yourself a pat on the back but if you are not satisfied, perhaps it is best to leave the carpet cleaning with the professionals.

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