Carpet owners don’t realise that shampooing their beloved carpets isn’t the best way to get rid of stubborn stains or accumulated dirt. 


It can be tiresome and most of all, damaging to your carpets when one doesn’t use the proper treatment and tools. In most cases, carpets that have not been thoroughly cleaned for a couple of years need more than just a light brushing. 


For heavy-duty carpet cleaning, it might be best to call upon a professional to remove tough stains and ground-in dirt, dust, and debris. 


Here are the ways you can clean your carpets without damaging them.


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What Is the Best Method of Cleaning Carpets?

Whether your carpet needs a good scrubbing down or a simple cleaning, the best method to clean your carpets is using a steamer or what professional cleaners call steam cleaning. It removes 90% of dirt and bacteria from your carpeted surfaces. 


Although dry cleaning is great for a quick cleaning session, steam cleaning is still the best method in the long term. 


There are other equally effective cleaning methods you can use for your carpets if you have the budget and the tools to do so at home. Here are some of them: 


1: Hot water extraction or steam cleaning


This method uses hot water applied to your carpet fibres using a high pressure wand. Hot water, steam, and the pressure work together to dissolve the sticky and mucky things that don’t belong in a carpet. As a plus, the steaming portion makes the carpet fibres fluffier so your carpets look fresh and feel soft under your tired feet. 


The down-side to this method is if you don’t have a hot water extraction machine, there’s little to no way to do this. And if you do plan to get one, a steam cleaning machine can cost you a lot! 


We recommend you to only purchase this product if you have a large amount of carpets to clean. If not, it might be more cost-effective to bring your carpets to a professional cleaner. 


2: Carpet shampooing


Shampooing a carpet involves a selection of carpet-friendly detergents, water, and a whole lot of patience. 


The typical method involves getting the carpet soapy, brushing the debris and dirt out, rinsing, and finally, repeating the process multiple times until the water from the rinse comes out clear. 


If you plan to do this method at home, be sure to bring some elbow grease and a heavy duty brush. For larger carpets, we recommend getting rotating brushes which are available at carpet cleaning companies. 


3: Carpet dry-cleaning


Carpet dry cleaning takes a special type of powdered detergent used with a small amount of water. Similar to carpet shampooing, a rotating brush will push the mixture into the carpet fibres and an extraction tool will remove the mixture along with the dirt caught. 


4: Foam cleaning


This method is best used for extremely filthy carpets. A Special foam is applied to the carpet and it will start to bubble and expand. The foam catches the dirt in the carpet and brings it to the surface. A steam extractor will then be used to clean the carpet fully. 


5: Bonnet cleaning


Bonnet cleaning involves a specialised carpet cleaning machine that has a thick towel or a bonnet over the front. The bonnet will ensure that the carpet shampoo is all over the surface before extracting it to reveal a fresh carpet that looks as good as new. 


The best cleaning method does not exist, but generally, a good professional cleaning service company should provide you with a good carpet clean, whatever the condition of your carpet might be. 


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How do you get old stains out of carpet?

If your carpet is dealing with the aches and pains of having a multitude of stains that you can’t seem to remove with a quick scrubbing, consider hot water extractions and bonnet cleaning services. 


In the long run, remember that dirt builds up throughout the years when your surfaces are carpeted. The best way to avoid the build-up of carpet stains and dirt is to have yours professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 


Successfully keep bacteria away by bringing your carpets to a professional cleaning service. 

Can I deep clean a carpet myself?

Generally speaking, no. 


Simple stains and a few pieces of dirt is manageable at home but long-stranding stains and years worth of grime is a lot to take for a typical household. 


Additionally, deep cleaning carpets involve a lot of expensive tools and special detergents that are carpet safe to effectively provide a deep clean. If you have the budget to spare and a ton of carpets to go through, investing in a hot water extraction machine might be good. But if you have one or two carpets that are in need of cleaning, it is definitely worth going to a professional cleaning service instead. 

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?



Besides a cleaner looking carpet, going to a professional cleaning service allows your carpets to be bacteria-free without the hassle of cleaning the carpets yourself. Cleaners will often have heavy-duty cleaning equipment such as rotating brushes and specialised carpet dryers to ensure that your investment is well worth it. 

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