Ovens are an essential and convenient appliance that every kitchen should feature. Imagine simply popping a dish in to roast and after a few hours, it comes out beautifully cooked, with a tasty looking golden finish!


But after continuous use, your oven will start to get dirtier and dirtier. What do you do then? 


Cleaning an oven can be a taxing job that most don’t know how to approach. There are rules and special solutions to disinfect and degrease an oven, making it look brand new. This is why many opt for professional oven cleaning services instead! 


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Should I get my oven professionally cleaned? 

Cleaning ovens is such a tiresome task because you have to get every bit of grease, grime and dirt left whether it’s from a Sunday roast or an oven pizza. 


It’s so tedious to do that many avoid cleaning their ovens altogether. But this shouldn’t be the case! Just like plates and silverware, ovens should be cleaned on a regular basis – your meals will get cooked in it after all. 


Although you can take on the challenge yourself, you might not be able to clean your oven completely or to the standard you are expecting. 


For those that want the most out of their oven, getting a professional to clean your oven is a great idea. 


It saves time and effort, plus you are assured of a well-sanitised oven that’s ready and waiting for the next meal. 


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How often should you have your oven cleaned? 

Regularly cleaning your oven or having it cleaned is healthy for you and adds to the longevity of your appliance.


Experts recommend cleaning your oven every 11 to 12 weeks, or if you start seeing charcoal and charred grease building up at the bottom, you know the time has come!

If you use your oven more than the average family, your oven should get a good scrubbing every two weeks. Businesses like bakeries and restaurants should definitely have their ovens cleaned more often. The more an oven is used, the more likely grime and grease will build up making the oven disgusting for the next batches of food to be cooked. 


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What do professionals clean their ovens with? 

Professionals have a whole arsenal of tricks and tools to remove accumulated dirt and grime. They use special tools or ready-made products, specifically made to clean ovens. Below are some of the tools commonly used: 




Scrapers are used to remove grime stuck on the sides of the oven. They are used to brush or scrape off the dirt that has been there for a while. 


These scrapers either have metal bristles and metal handles or a metal blade that can be changed for a new one once worn or overused.




An important tool for getting rid of unwanted grease are kitchen cloths. Kitchen cloths are used to apply cleaning agents onto the oven to make removing dirt by brushing or scraping easier. It is also used for cleaning the racks inside the oven.


Be sure that the kitchen cloths being used are oven-safe and are not too rough to damage any part of the oven. 


Cleaning agents 


Although you can definitely use elbow grease or brute strength and determination to clean an oven, why do so when there are easier methods? 


Professionals use oven cleaning agents and solutions to help them make their work easier and speed up the job. This includes softening agents and other disinfectants. 


Professionals apply these products by spraying the cleaning agent all around the oven and letting it sit there for a while to soften the grease and grime that has hardened through continued usage without cleaning.


The cleaning agents typically used have different chemical compositions – the most used being sodium hydroxide or caustic soda. Though it does the job well, it makes the oven unusable for a while because it cannot be ingested. Seek professional advice before using any oven cleaning product. 

How long does it take to professionally clean an oven? 

Ovens take about three hours to clean by yourself. With the advantage of professionals who do it for you, it could cut the time down to an hour to 1 and a half hours.  

Is it bad not to clean your oven? 

What’s the harm of not cleaning your oven? Is it really such a big deal? 


It is a big deal. Keeping the oven clean brings only advantages to your health and the quality of the food you make in it.


Here are reasons why you should clean your oven on a regular basis: 


Different taste in your food


When you use your oven to cook food, tiny bits of your meals fall or stick to the sides of the oven. At first, it wouldn’t look incredibly dirty. But as time passes by, leftover food will start accumulating, turning into a heaping pile of charred food that’s a few months old. 


What happens then? 


Well, your food will start tasting bad for one. This is because your leftovers will start mixing with the next batch of food you’re cooking, possibly making the food poisonous or unpleasant at the very least and can destroy a well-prepped dish altogether. 


Harmful smoke


When there is an accumulated amount of burnt leftovers in your oven, it might start releasing black smoke. This type of smoke usually has sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous when inhaled constantly.


To make things worse, the smoke could become carbon monoxide and methane, which slowly adds to climate change. Not only is it dangerous for your household, but it’s also harmful to the environment! 


Grime and grease build-up


Grime and grease slowly starts building up in your oven when you don’t clean it regularly. They will begin to cover the heat valves of your oven and will eventually affect how your oven produces heat. 


Without a regular cleaning schedule, your oven won’t work to the best of its ability.  




The leftover smell in an oven can attract rodents, roaches, and other gross animals you don’t want in a kitchen. 

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