Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are various different ways to clean carpets, though some are more time consuming than others, some require specific products or items, and some do a better job! Many professional carpet cleaning companies use a variety of methods to clean your carpets, here are some of the methods they use. Hot water extraction cleaning This kind of

What’s the best way to clean greasy oven racks?

Cleaning greasy oven racks Oven racks can be the most tricky things to clean as grease and food build up over time as you cook - your oven racks are in use a lot as well so it can be difficult to find an appropriate time to clean them. Here are some tips on how to

Tough stains and how to remove them

Removing tough stains Whether it’s grease in the kitchen or an accidental spillage in the living room, stains happen! Here are some examples of tough stains and how to remove them. Kitchen grease Kitchen grease caused over months of cooking can be stubborn to clean. One way you can remove the grease is through using vinegar. Put some

How to clean a conventional oven

Cleaning a conventional oven Ovens can be difficult to clean and, because of this, they are often left dirty for months, sometimes even years. We’re all guilty of it, but you don’t have to cook in a filthy oven! Here is a guide on how to clean a conventional oven. Cleaning products What you use is down to

How often should you have your windows cleaned?

Window Cleaning Frequency We are all aware that we need to clean our home on a regular basis. This involves wiping down kitchen counters, dusting the furniture and mopping the floors. But, what about those windows? Have you ever thought about how often they should be cleaned and how they should be cleaned? Well, below we

Get your home Christmas ready

Home Cleaning Tips For Christmas It's that time of year when we begin to think about Christmas. You may have started the Christmas shopping, but now is also the time to get your home ready for the festive season. We all want our home to look the best it possibly can when entertaining guests and the

Deep cleaning your home

What is a deep clean? Everyone wants to know their home is clean but everyday cleaning doesn't tackle a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria that can reside in your home. Deep cleaning tackles ingrained dirt which can carry bacteria and dust mites in areas such as your kitchen, bathroom and carpets. What do I need to

How to get your windows gleaming inside and out.

Many people clean their homes on a weekly basis and most offices are cleaned on a daily basis.  However, when was the last time the windows were cleaned? Inside and out? Domestic windows tend to get cleaned when they look dirty rather than according to a cleaning schedule and yet windows are important – they provide light

Quick cleaning tips for your home

Quick Home Cleaning Tips Let’s face it. Most of us would like to live in a sparkling, clean show-home but despite our best efforts we fall short – whether this is due to children, pets, time, illness or injury or the ‘life is too short for cleaning’ attitude.   But cleaning doesn’t have to be a

Self-cleaning an oven vs hiring a professional oven cleaner

Difference Between Self-Cleaning and a Professional Oven Cleaner Cleaning the oven is one of the most dreaded cleaning jobs in the home. Nobody likes cleaning the oven as not only does it take a lot of elbow grease, but also many hours to complete. Below we compare self-cleaning to hiring a professional oven cleaner. Cleaning your oven