Year’s best cleaning time.

Spring has truly sprung with daffodils everywhere. But they are probably not all that has started to grow. Dirt and grime has most likely built up over the winter where we normally keep our windows shut and have the heating up high. Spring is the perfect time to do a deep clean, with fresh warm weather, it’s time to throw those windows open and get scrubbing.

Dust away the winter

We all dust and clean over the easy to reach parts of the home but what about everything else? With longer and brighter days, a spring clean is the perfect opportunity to get into every nook and cranny and get everything gleaming from the floor to the ceiling – and everywhere in between.

Spruce up the kitchen

One of the messiest rooms in the house is the kitchen. We all keep our counter tops clean but what about your appliances? Your fridge, oven, microwave or washing machine might well be crying out for deep clean. Now you no longer need any winter warmers baked in the oven and with your washing out on the line, it’s the perfect time to tackle those areas.

Blitz your carpet

Carpets and flooring hold a lot of dirt and debris. Throughout the winter, we’ve all been guilty of walking in mud, leaves and god knows what else into the house. Sometimes the standard hoover won’t cut it. It takes a deeper wash with products that will work through and dislodge anything stuck between the carpet fibres.

Wash those windows

If your windows have been firmly shut over winter then condensation and dust could have created a film around your them. With the sunshine out, it’s a good time to open them and get scrubbing to get rid of that grime.

Spring clean your oven

One job everyone hates is oven cleaning so why not rest up and let the experts do the hard work for you. At OvenBliss we get to work to leave you with a sparkling appliance, free of grease and grime.

It can also be hard to give your carpets and rugs a proper deep clean without industrial help. Guess what? We do that too! Contact us to find out more about our cleaning services and how they can help get your spring cleaning off to a fresh start.