Cleaning a conventional oven

Ovens can be difficult to clean and, because of this, they are often left dirty for months, sometimes even years. We’re all guilty of it, but you don’t have to cook in a filthy oven! Here is a guide on how to clean a conventional oven.

Cleaning products

What you use is down to personal preference. You can purchase oven cleaners that do a good job of tackling tough grease and stubborn stains. If using chemicals isn’t for you, then many people prefer to use natural cleaning items, such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon water.

Where to start

Begin by removing the metal racks and place them aside – these can be cleaned later. Spray or rub in your cleaner of choice over all walls of the oven, avoiding the fan and other important areas. Let your oven sit for as long as you can to allow the cleaning product to work more effectively – overnight is a good choice.

Next, wipe down the surfaces of the oven with a damp cloth to remove all product and residue. Don’t forget to clean the glass door, too. Scrape off any rood residue with a spatula and proceed to use your chosen cleaning product.

Once the interior of the oven is clean, you can move onto cleaning the metal racks. This can be done by using an oven cleaner, or just by soaking them in the sink with washing up liquid.

How can you keep on top of it?

Little and often is key – prevent a build-up of grease and food by cleaning your oven every month and wiping up spillages as soon as possible.

If cleaning your oven sounds like a lot of effort, then you can always hire someone to do the hard work for you! Here at Oven Bliss, we are professions; we’ll clean your oven until it’s sparkling like new – you won’t have to lift a finger! Contact us today to find out more.