To establish a smooth transition of tenancy and reduce the possibility of disagreement over rental deposit. Landlords and tenants can take advantage of an end of tenancy clean. This is a great opportunity for landlords to inspect their property and have it prepared before new tenants arrive.

A trouble-free transition is always in the best interest for all parties involved in tenancy. On the part of the landlords, it is better to check every aspect of their property and not leave anything to chance. To make this possible, they can create their own checklist to minimise or avoid any kind of disputes with future tenants.

You may think that end of tenancy clean is too expensive and just a waste of your money or time. You could probably handle all the cleaning yourself, which is actually not a bad idea at all.

To put it simply, there is a big difference between regular clean and a professional clean. End of tenancy clean is methodical and intensive: it cleans all areas of your property, including areas that most people do not think about. It can remove stubborn limescale and mould from bathrooms, deep clean the oven, remove dirt and grease in the kitchen and so much more. Without proper training and the right equipment, this kind of clean is not possible.

What is included?

End of tenancy clean is now offered by many cleaning companies. So that you will receive the highest possible level of service, these companies follow strict cleaning guidelines and checklists.

Deep cleaning checklists often include common areas and rooms in the house or building and are usually carried out by experts cleaning teams.

This process has been established after many years of practical application. Cleaning companies are able and ready to impress any landlord or tenant whenever their services are needed.

It is common practice for cleaners to leave any property spotlessly clean, making it ready for  new tenants. This will involve the removal of food and other things placed inside cupboards or refrigerators, elimination of dirt, grime, and grease in the oven and the entire kitchen. A thorough cleaning of kitchen surfaces is essential: cupboards, dishwashers and microwaves.

Scrubbing and sanitising of all floors in the property is also needed. The same process is also applied to sinks and bathrooms.

Doors, furniture, radiators and windows should not be left out as well. They should be free from dust and any kind of dirt.

Properly cleaning the carpets with a machine is also very important and in some cases can make the carpets look almost brand new! The garage should not be left out too. Every part of the house should be cleaned before the property is handed over to the new tenants.

As you can see, end of tenancy clean is a meticulous and time-consuming endeavour. This is why many landlords and tenants do not hesitate to hire a professional cleaning team to do the job.

Most cleaning companies are equipped with the right tools, machines and cleaning products: they carry out their tasks in a fast, methodical and thorough manner, ensuring all relevant parties are happy and satisfied.

As we have mentioned earlier, many cleaning companies prepare a cleaning checklist to ensure that every part of the property is not left out in the cleaning process. Aside from that, they train individuals and teams to perform the cleaning tasks well. This allows a thorough rendering of cleaning services.

If you are a tenant and the end of tenancy clean is placed under your responsibility, assuming that this is the agreement you have made with the landlord, it is best to check all the requirements your landlord has given you. If you are a busy person, you probably do not have any time to clean any part of the house.

This is where the cleaning professionals would come in. They can do all the cleaning for you, whether it is your rented home or office. This can save you time and effort because you will be leaving the responsibility of cleaning to an experienced team of cleaners who have all the cleaning tools and products they need.

Having the property thoroughly cleaned is sometimes a legal requirement in some instances. It is also considered a great practice: it will allow you to hand over the property back to the landlord and finish the tenancy in good terms. Just think of it this way: you don’t want to move into a new flat or house that is not thoroughly cleaned, right?

How long does it take?

How long the cleaning process takes depend on the size and number of properties and the number of individuals assigned to complete the tasks. For instance, if you have booked a cleaning service for two houses, it could take a team of two or three experts cleaners one or two days to thoroughly clean the two houses. The length of time will also depend on the type of cleaning package you will avail and your price negotiation with the cleaning companies.

What cleaning company should I choose?

There are probably numerous cleaning companies in your area but the challenge is how to pick the best one. We have taken this into consideration and created a checklist to help you make the right choice! You should choose a cleaning company that:

  • Offers high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices
  • Offers quality service with a smile
  • Cleans ovens, carpets and properties to the highest of standard
  • Is recommended by many hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Has a flexible cleaning schedule or available 24 hours a day
  • Places quality as a standard for their cleaning business
  • Can deep clean your appliance to a good-as-new standard
  • Is fully insured
  • Uses the highest quality bio-degradable cleaning products
  • Offers a no-obligation free quotation
  • Offers standard pricing for various cleaning packages

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