There are various different ways to clean carpets, though some are more time consuming than others, some require specific products or items, and some do a better job! Many professional carpet cleaning companies use a variety of methods to clean your carpets, here are some of the methods they use.

Hot water extraction cleaning

This kind of cleaning is done only by professionals. Hot water is pumped into the carpet along with a cleaning product and then the liquid is extracted using a powerful vacuum cleaner. The water gets emptied into a separate container as it is extracted, and then the process repeats. The pressure from the water means that those gritty bits of dirt can be lifted more easily from inside the carpet fibres. This method of cleaning is very effective at removing all kinds of dirt as well as stubborn stains.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a well known and popular method for cleaning carpets. Mist is produced by steam cleaners which helps to dislodge dirt from the carpet. While this method is great for a quick cleanup, it’s not recommended for a thorough clean as it is unlikely to lift tough dirt and stains.

Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning method includes applying a special kind of powder to the carpet. The powder is able to reach deep into the fibres, absorbing the bits of dirt trapped inside. Once left for a suitable amount of time, the powder is then vacuumed out and the dirt will be lifted along with it. This method is effective for a quick clean as it does not require any liquids.

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