Oven cleaning tips

The process of having your oven cleaned, or cleaning it yourself, is much simpler when you make the effort to keep it as clean as possible in the first place. If you don’t want to be faced with an oven cleaning nightmare, here are a few things you can do to avoid this situation.

1. Use lids!

When you have a bakeware or casserole dish in the oven, put a lid on it. This will prevent bits of grease being spat out all over the oven causing a filthy oven interior.

2. Try an oven liner

The bottom of your oven can be kept permanently clean with the use of an oven liner. They are installed on the base of your oven and will collect any food that is dropped whilst you are cooking. The liners themselves can be easily cleaned and replaced and will keep it cleaner in the long run.

3. Add a second roasting tray

If you have a spare roasting tray handy, you can put it under the tray you are using to help protect the oven racks and keep a clean base. The second tray will help catch any flying grease.

4. Don’t overfill dishes

If a casserole dish is filled right to the top, you’re asking for trouble. Always use a suitable container with plenty of room for your food in case it bubbles over.

These simple oven cleaning tips are very easy to implement and can make a real difference to the build-up of grease and dirt inside your oven. Save yourself a tiring job or an unnecessary oven cleaning bill by taking better daily care of your oven.