What is a deep clean?

Everyone wants to know their home is clean but everyday cleaning doesn’t tackle a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria that can reside in your home. Deep cleaning tackles ingrained dirt which can carry bacteria and dust mites in areas such as your kitchen, bathroom and carpets.

, Deep cleaning your home

What do I need to deep clean my house?

Each house/cleaning task may require different cleaning equipment but some useful items include, gloves (you can buy boxes of silicone gloves that will be easier to wear when cleaning than rubber gloves), toothbrush, handheld scrubbing brush, and a steam cleaner which is effective for cleaning all surfaces and can be used instead of cleaning sprays.

Why will dividing your cleaning into sections make the job easier?

Dividing your cleaning up will ensure the job is more manageable and you won’t miss any small details.

Why do windows need cleaning inside?

Windows can harbour mould and cleaning the rubber seals around window frames is often neglected. Before cleaning windows spray seals, frame, and sill with a multi-purpose cleaner containing bleach, wipe off and repeat if needed.

What other areas do I need to pay attention to?

Even surfaces you wipe daily require deep cleaning. Spray all surfaces, paying special attention to corners, wipe and use a toothbrush to clean in the corners and along any rubber seals and the grout. Kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that will need deep cleaning most as both are a breeding ground for bacteria. Carpets can have bacteria, dirt and dust mites buried deep, you can either hire a home carpet cleaner or have them cleaned professionally to be sure of a really deep clean. Finally, don’t forget everyday door handles are often hotspots for bacteria and they need cleaning regularly.

How can I get help with deep cleaning?

Reduce the time spent deep cleaning by having your oven, carpets and the inside of your windows cleaned by one of our trained and experienced staff. If you are renting and don’t have time to do a thorough deep clean, we provide End of Tenancy Cleans to ensure the property is ready for the new tenants.

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