Common Oven Problems

It’s hard to discover if your oven has issues when you’re using it and even the best cook can’t overcome this kind of oven problems. But your oven will always give you a sign or warn you before a complete breakdown. If you have difficulty getting your oven running it is always best to leave trickier repairs to a professional oven technician. Here are the most common oven issues to watch out for.

  • Uneven cooking

A common problem is uneven cooking of your food, you can easily discover it when you’re baking or cooking. If this happens, check the temperature sensors and heating elements. If you find out that there are no problems with this. Maybe it’s the racks that are positioned wrong or you might have defective cookware. Try adjusting the height of the racks when you’re cooking it may fix your problem.
  • The door won’t open or shut

If the oven door doesn’t open after a self-cleaning, unplug the unit or shut off the circuit breaker for five minutes. Once the power is restored observe if you can now open the door. However, if this technique doesn’t work, you can reset the self-clean cycle and leave it for 15 minutes then cancel the cycle. After you let the oven cool for a minute, try to gently open the door again.If the door doesn’t stay shut, it’s better to replace the hinge. This means you will need to disassemble the door and remove the side panel, too.
  • Self-cleaning

If the self-cleaning feature is not working, it’s because the oven control board might be defective. It is very important because it relays that voltage to the bake circuits based on sensor input. The heating components will not get the voltage they need if the oven has a faulty control board.
  • No heat

If you find out that your oven isn’t heating up, then there’s something wrong with the ignition system or the heating element. If you’re using a gas oven when cooking, the culprit is a bad igniter, although it is best to first ensure that nothing is wrong with the gas line. If the gas is fine then it may mean the igniter needs to be replaced. And for electric oven users, if it’s not heating the main source is likely the heating element. Look at it and if the heating element does not turn red when you set the temperature then you need to replace it.

If you can’t fix the oven issues that you’re experiencing Oven Bliss Swindon is here to help. We can perform the necessary oven repairs to get the appliance running again so you can already enjoy home-cooked meals with your family. Call us today on 01793 323 521 or 07988 871 388 to schedule the appliance repairs you need.