Oven cleaning fumes, can it be dangerous?

When we want to clean our ovens, the most common option is to go and get an over-the-counter oven cleaner. However, people who have cleaned their ovens using these products have experienced a sore throat and painful cough from inhaling the fumes. Looking closely at the label shows that ingesting these fumes can cause harm.

So why is something that can be so dangerous be so accessible? This highly toxic solution is also used in our ovens – somewhere we cook our food for our families. Do these fumes stay within the oven or are the fumes underrated and not really that dangerous?

Here we are going to look at whether oven cleaning fumes can be dangerous.

The truth about the fumes

There’s no such thing as a no-fume over cleaner, no matter what it says on the bottle. These fumes are toxic to humans, being made from concentrated lye. When lye is concentrated to this extent, it becomes highly corrosive, especially to organic materials. And what are food deposits within your oven? Organic materials! This is why you should always use protective equipment or hire a professional oven cleaner, such as Oven Bliss, to do the job for you.

Cases of oven cleaner poisoning are quite common but fatalities are very rare. The lye within oven cleaner that gives off the fumes is powerful when concentrated, but relatively safe and harmless when diluted (which is what happens when you clean it off).

A great tip to follow after cleaning your oven is to turn it on for just a few minutes. This will eliminate any leftover lye and also push out any fumes lingering there. After-fumes from oven cleaner are completely harmless as long as you’ve wiped all of the product off.

The conclusion?

Oven cleaning fumes are toxic but they’re just something to be careful of. The likelihood is that you won’t have chance to inhale enough to hurt you. The best solution to your worries is to get in touch with us to be on the safe side.